Blood Suckers

Summer is arguably the best time of the year to hike and camp. Everything just seems a little happier. The birds are chirping and cannon balls are flying off the dock. Fun in the sun is inevitable but may come with a little price to pay.

Hidden in the grass, the woods, and even our furry companions may be blood sucking TICKS. These pests can put a damper on any outdoor experience, but we’ll provide you with some tips to prevent and stop a tick bite.

First step to solving any problem is prevention. Before any adventure, make sure to spray your clothing and gear with products contains permethrin. We talked about it in an earlier post, but permethrin is some crazy strong stuff. It can last up to 6 weeks and maintains its strength after 6 laundry cycles.

Let’s say you were in a hurry and forgot to spritz. If that’s the case, make sure to do a FULL BODY check as soon as you walk through the door. Be as thorough as possible. If a tick is found, use tweezers to pull them out from the base of you skin. The faster they are found, the less likely the risk of potentially deadly diseases like Lyme disease. If you notice a bulls-eye pattern rash, fever, swelling, or fatigue days or weeks after a tick bite, make sure to see a healthcare professional as soon as possible!


A Tale of Black Bears in the Upper Midwest

Black Bears shared an expansive history in the upper Midwest prior to European settlement. Located in primarily dense wooded areas, their population decreased as colonization became more widespread. Their population was decimated by the early 1900s due to their efforts in damaging crops, harassing livestock, and the value found in their hides.

Bear Aware

Harlee Scherrer works for Missouri State Parks and knows a thing or two about the recent bear sittings. His blog post features some of the history behind bears in Missouri and what to do if you happen to come across one.

“Next time you find yourself driving down the road, look out at the landscape and think of what it might have been. Think of what it has become, and remember that we are all neighbors to much more than we know.”

Adventure Blog

Farmland or Views?

Erin Is an avid adventurer hailing from the great state of Iowa. She’s traveled across the Midwest and has a lot of knowledge on where to go and what to see. She shares a sentiment that most are familiar with here in the Midwest. Yes, we do have plenty of farmland and corn, but that’s not all we have. Hope you get inspired by her post!