Farmland or Views?

By Erin Hansen

Hiking in the Midwest tends to be the “fly over state”, or at least from those who don’t live here. To be honest, quite a bit of the Midwest is farmland & corn but there is so much more than just those two things. There are some pretty insane and unique places in the Midwest, you just have to know where to find them… I have done some pretty crazy researching to find all these places and I feel it will be a long time before I get through all of the places I want to visit. Bluffs are probably one of the biggest things in the Midwest. But you will find plenty of cliffs, caves, grasslands, waterfalls, lakes, forests, and prairies to explore. I am extremely luckily to be based in Iowa because it is really the heart of the Midwest and this country in General. The winters here can get pretty brutal, but if you are smart about it… traveling to any of the neat places in the Midwest during the winter can be so incredible & unique. Below I have listed 10 of some of my favorite places in the Midwest I have been to so far. So if you're every traveling through, or just happen to live here, you've got no excuse to finding some awesome adventures. 

1. Tettegouche State Park in Minnesota!

2. Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois

3. Maquoketa Caves in Iowa! 

4. Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin

5. Kettle Moraine State Forrest in Wisconsin

6. Yellow River State Forrest in Iowa

7. Wapsipinicon State Park in Iowa

8. Matthiessen State Park in Illinois

9. Starved Rock State Park Illinois

10. Badlands, The Needles, & Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota. (Headed to all of these places in one week!)

I have also been to some absolutely stunning places within the Midwest in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, & Missouri. Let me know if you are in those States and I can list some places for you to stop at.

Overall, I promise you that the Midwest has some pretty amazing places to explore. Some are so unique to the point that they are like nowhere else I have been. I enjoy the diversity of things we have here. People always say my Instagram is so unique and contains such a diversity of places on it. I would say 70% of my posts are all places in the Midwest. I also have found a couple places I am going to head to in Nebraska this Summer, I will keep everyone on my Instagram updated on how it goes… but it looks like Nebraska isn’t all “flat” either! I truthfully believe that every part of this country has its perks and beauties no matter where you go. I love to travel outside of the Midwest but the Midwest will always be home for me.

If you're in the area and need more ideas, DM me on my Instagram: @erinhansen48