Missouri Springs

Missouri Springs

By: Hayley Gaertner

June 18th

One of my favorite found treasures in Missouri: SPRINGS! There are many more, but these are the three that Michael (my boyfriend) and I like to go to, and three that you can easily hit in one day! If you're visiting the area or have lived here all your life, these three spots are a must have on you Midwest bucket list.


This takes my breath away Every. Single. Time. The water literally looks like kool-aid, and I can't believe that this is natural. The trek to this is less than half a mile from the parking lot, so this is more of just a site to see rather than a hike. It's almost an optical illusion, it looks like the rock bluff is reflecting in the water, but the spring is actually so clear that you can see the rocks (and fish!) underneath. It is actually insane how far down you can see! Not only is the blue spring beautiful, but the vibrant green plants growing at the other end are just as cool. 

Blue Springs Photo.jpg

Just a warning, it is a 3 mile drive on a hilly gravel road to get here. I do not recommend going after a heavy rain or snow! 


This is the first spring Michael & I ever went to together! It is different from the others in that it has an old mill! There is a hike that takes you up above, with awesome views of the spring below, or there is a shorter hike that just takes you around the perimeter of the spring. If you're not up for a true hike, at least take the one around the perimeter so that you can see all angles. It gets more beautiful along the way!


I won't lie, I wasn't impressed with this place the first time; I don't know why, maybe I was crabby or tired. But, Michael convinced me to go back, and I'm so glad we did! This spring is super peaceful and quiet, it's really relaxing. From the parking lot, make sure you follow the path up and around the first body of water you see, so you get to the actual spring!  


Round Springs.jpg

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