10 Essential Camping Tips


1. Waterproof your life.

Getting caught in the rain can be a real drag. An easy solution is to waterproof everything. How you make ask? Sealant. Get yourself a can of sealant and spray everything. Spray a considerable coat on your tent seams, tent bag, tent, rain fly, and even your duffel bag. The next time it rains on your trip you won’t even think twice.

2. Coffee is the fuel to any great adventure.

Start you morning off right by bringing your own homemade coffee packets. Take some coffee grounds, put them in a filter, tie the filter with string, and toss it in a mug with some hot water.

3. Permethrin Insect Repellent. 

This stuff works like magic. Spray it on your clothes, tent, bags, shoes, everything. It kills up 55 different insects including ticks and mosquitos that carry the Zika virus. One application can last up to 6 weeks and 6 wash cycles. A must have considering the prevalence of lime disease. Especially useful if you don’t enjoy putting repellant on your skin.

4. Filter your water.

Do yourself a favor and get a squeeze filter. They are inexpensive and work extremely well. No Brainer.

5. Create Camp Zones.

Designate various zones on your campsite for washing, eating, chilling, and first aid. It’ll keep things organized and you’ll be prepared in the case of an emergency.

6. Make a Lantern.

Using a clear water bottle, strap a headlight or flash light to your water bottle to produce some ambient light. It makes an awesome nightlight and creates a great mood.

7. Keep your feet warm.

Stuff the bottom of your sleeping bag with dry clothes. The dry clothes will soak up any moisture on your feet and keep them  warm.

8. Makeshift pot.

If you ever need a pot or something to boil water, take a beverage can from the night before and cut it in half.

9. Dry Clothes.

If the sealant doesn’t do the trick for you duffel bag. Pack your clothes in a heavy duty garbage bag before putting it into your duffel.

10. Elevate Your Cooking Game.

Bring all your favorite cooking spices by packing them in straws. Flame-Seal sections of straws filled with your favorite spices. Seal an opened end of a straw with a flame, fill in the space with a spice, close the open end with a flame, and label the sealed straw. Genius.





Joonho Musonda