Adventure is Closer Than You Think

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An Ode to the Midwest

We believe that everybody has an innate attraction to the nature that surrounds us.  This urge to connect and explore beats at our very core. Unfortunately, many feel that they have to "get away" to experience that feeling of adventure. Hailing from the Midwest, specifically Missouri, we can attest to that desire of wanting to get away. That yearning for elsewhere blinds us to the wonders that are in our own backyards. Our hope is to convey to you how beautiful the Midwest can be. There is a lot to be proud of and we want you to feel the same!


A Moose in the Midwest

A dear friend of mine with special needs gave me the nickname "Moose" after giving up on pronouncing my last name. After many antler fights in the school hallway, the nickname stuck and became a part of who I was. I came to admire the strength and independence of the Moose. Taking life by the antlers while stopping to enjoy the beauty around them seemed like an obvious inspiration to live by, thus inspiring Moose Apparel.  


An Appreciation For Public Land 

Society has become more centralized and the allure to commercialize land is as enticing as ever. We have stepped back from our duty to preserve the lands that have given us so much. As people drawn to the wild, it is our responsibility to uphold the few that work to protect those lands.


Giving Back

The desire to help our fellow man is as intrinsic as our appreciation for nature. In that light, it only feels right as a business to give back to the organizations that have inspired and motivated Moose Apparel. As a result, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the National Parks Conservation Association and the Federation for Children With Special Needs